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          JITO Bearing is a integrated high-tech enterprise which includes the reseach and development, production, sales and trade.It is a member of China Bearing Industry Association, a government unit of Hebei Province Bearing Association. The sales manager is vice president of Guantao County Bearing Association and conference member of Guantao Country.Since established,it has been committing to manufacturing high quality precision bearings,we can produce the quality level for P0(Z1V1),P6(Z2V2) and P5(Z3V3).the products are widely used in minicar,truck,engineering vehicles, agricultural, machinery, paper-making, power-generation, mining, metallurgy, machine tools,petroleum and railway etc .The registered brand is JITO. The company has gained ISO9001:2008 system certification.In order to provide better service to customers and be convenient  for customers to come to discuss and cooperate,our company established Liaocheng Jingnai Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd in Liaocheng City,Shandong Province.The traffic is very convenient,only need 1 hour to arrive the West Railway Station in Ji'nan and 1.5 hours to arrive Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport. The company has excellent sales team and R & D team, that makes the JITO bearing to be a famous brand in the field.
          In order to improve the popularity,Our company takes part in many exhibition publicity around the world annually,in parallel we continue to participate in each session of Shanghai[more]

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Contact Us

  • 0086-635-8550888
  • 0086-18888951666 /0086-15865730123
  • 0086-635-8281770 
  • bearing@jito.cc
  • 570206290 2512257871
  • Wang
  • Limin West Road,Liaocheng City ,Shandong province ,China